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Action Needed: Contact Legislators to Ensure Charter Schools Receive Summer Learning Funding


Last week, Governor Kate Brown, Senate President Peter Courtney, and House Speaker Tina Kotek unveiled a Summer Learning and Child Care package to support students and young people this summer with up to $325 million in additional state and federal funding.


This package will likely move quickly through the Oregon Legislature, making it critical for us to ensure charter schools are included in the package. Please take a few minutes to contact members of the Ways & Means Subcommittee on Education to share why these funds are critical to support the students we serve.

Taking Action

Please submit a letter to members of Joint Ways & Means Subcommittee on Education by Friday, March 19. You can use this sample and we would be happy to work with you to tailor this language to reflect the needs of your community.



The largest share of the package will go school districts for summer enrichment, learning, and social-emotional support. That includes two area of voluntary grant funding to school districts:


Summer Enrichment/Academic Program Grants for K-8 ($90 Million)

Grants available to all districts that wish to participate in enrichment activities available to all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. This can include outdoor recreational activities and instructional activities. Programming must be accessible and inclusive to students experiencing a disability, English language learners, and students from all cultural backgrounds. Schools are specifically encouraged to partner with community organizations, particularly those with culturally specific and responsive service models.


Summer Academic Support Grants for High School ($72 Million)

Grants available to all districts with high schools who agree to participate in credit recovery programs that are inclusive of enrichment and social-emotional support. Programs can cover up to 50% of the district’s high school students, helping recover credits from the 2020-2021 academic year. Districts must agree to cover at least 25% of the total costs of the program from COVID-related federal funds or other district resources.

Steps to Complete

  1. Use the sample letter to adapt to your district or use your own language. Let us know if we can help with this in any way.

  2. Finalize the language and, if possible, print or PDF it on letterhead.

  3. Submit it by email to the following addresses of the committee members:      


Make sure to copy Iris at: 


Please report back any response you get from committee members as that will be invaluable for helping us align our strategy.


Thank you so much and please reach out to for any help we can provide you with this request!

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